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Remote Working Precautions


Stay Protected in this COVID-19 Period 

With most businesses remote working in the UK this introduces new opportunities for cyber-criminals to open the door into your business. Since the virus took a hold in the UK more than 100 victims of coronavirus related fraud have been identified with losses of almost £1m recorded. Make sure your business has taken precaution and has all the steps to stop you becoming vulnerable in this pandemic.

Learning from the NHS in 2017, when they were hacked and tragically this meant they had to cancel almost 20,000 hospital appointments and operations causing huge disruption which would have been easily avoided with Patch Management.

You should be making sure you have the below protection:

- Patch management, all laptops and computers are fully up to date

- Anti-Spam software is setup on all machines

- Anti-Virus software is setup on all machines

- Web protection is setup

- Document backup to ensure of no lost work within this period

- IT support for when your team needs it

- VPN setup for accessing private networks

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