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Business Start-up

We are specialist accountants for business start ups
Starting a new business is an exciting and eventful time. It is vital to create firm foundations based on sound advice and expert knowledge, to allow the new enterprise to take off, thrive and eventually grow. At Wren Accountancy Services we can lead you through the maze of officialdom and help you from the business idea through to running a successful business.

  • Wren Accountancy Services can supply that advice and knowledge on
  • First principles - your business plan;
  • Structuring your new company;
  • Financing;
  • Taxation;
  • Accounting administration.

Your business plan
Is more than a strategy to help you raise capital; it is a management tool which helps you set out your plans and projections. We can help you establish achievable goals, and create a firm financial base which will help you realise them.

Your company's structure
Sole trader, partnership, or limited company are the options available to a new business. Your choice of structure should be based on commercial factors, such as the importance of public image; the degree of risk, and the need to safeguard personal property; and the most efficient approach to tax issues.
We can help you make the right choice, by advising on the controls and requirements of the Companies Act, on directorial responsibility, and on minimising the new company's tax liabilities.

Financing your business
Is a key factor in its success. We can advise you on the best sources of finance to suit your circumstances, and help you balance and maximise the resources available to you: grants, bank loans, government funding, personal sources.

Is a major overhead of every successful business, and falls into three main categories:

  • Corporation tax or Schedule D tax in respect of profits
  • PAYE and National Insurance, payable by employees and directors
  • VAT

We can help you minimise your tax liabilities and plan around them.
We can also take responsibility for some or all of the administration associated with PAYE and VAT.

Accounting administration
And paperwork can be a time-consuming chore - but an efficient recording system is the best way to monitor the success of your new business.
We can help you create a manual or computerised system which works for you, is as user-friendly and time-efficient as possible, and still meets the needs of the Inland Revenue and other legislative agenciesWe can also advise you on other factors you may encounter in the early days of a new venture:

  • licensing;
  • insurance;
  • Data Protection Act;
  • premises.

All the above issues have implications, which are individual and specific to your business. Why not arrange a visit from one of our friendly, well-informed staff, to discuss in detail how to create a firm, well-planned basis for your new venture?

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